2018 Post-doctoral Award Recipients

Beadnell, Thomas (KUMC)

MDefining roles for mitochondrial polymorphisms in mediating immune differentiation and metastasis

Benomar, Saida (KU)

Regulation of antibiotic resistance through antibiotic efflux pumps in the bacterium Chromobacterium violaceum

Chakravarti, Veera Ragaven Praveen (KUMC)

ESR2 regulated ovarian kisspeptin signaling in follicle maturation and ovulation

Chapman, Joanne KU)

The functional and psychological consequences of immune gene duplication

Deschamps, Thibaut (KUMC)

Role of viral and non-viral miRNAs carried by extracellular vesicles released during HSV-1 infection

Everman, Elizabeth (KU)

Genetic dissection of variation in copper resistance across multiple life stages in Drosophila melanogaster

Hill, Thomas (KU)

Understanding the genetic basis of DNA virus pathogenesis and host resistance

Huang, Shengping (KUMC)

Regulation of ciliogenesis by Ran directed ciliary targeting of the heterotrimeric kinesin-2 complex

Li, Li (KSU)

Functional dissection of HRPK-1 in miRNA activity regulation

Mukherjee, Thiya (KSU)

Homeodomain proteins linking lipid metabolism to gene expression in plants

Rakijas, Jessica (KSU)

Mechanism of Genome Instability Driven by RB Loss

Varberg, Kaela (KUMC)

Regulation of endovascular trophoblast cell development and uterine spiral artery remodeling

Wendel, Sebastian (KSU)

HPV E6 and E7 Disrupt the Translesion Synthesis Pathway

Zhu, Qingfu (KU)

3D micro-assembly enabled electro-transfection for regulating human immunity