Funding Opportunities & Awards*

Grant-Writing Tips

K-INBRE Principal Investigator Dr. Doug Wright discusses crafting a competitive NIH grant application in this informative webinar. We suggest you check it out for some extra help when applying for our award mechanisms!

  • Time to Get Funded: Crafting a Competitive NIH Grant Application
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  • Bridging Grants

    Bridging grant proposals are reviewed by external reviewers, with the major criteria being the importance and strength of the science and the likelihood of developing successfully into an NIH-funded project. Aspects to be considered are the priority score and adequacy of the responses to the reviewers.

    Core Facility Support

    Core Facility grant proposals will be evaluated in terms of importance to the institutional and state Cell and Developmental Biology research initiatives.

    CURE Awards

    One mission of the NIH-funded Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (Kansas INBRE) grant is to increase research activities using the classroom. These activities are referred to as Curriculum-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) and should increase student participation in research and enhance faculty efforts in conducting NIH-related biomedical research. We are seeking to identify 7-10 faculty at PUIs and 1-2 at non-PUIs to participate as CURE Award Recipients.

    Data Science Core - PUI Awards

    One mission of the NIH-funded Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (Kansas INBRE) grant is to enhance data science research at PUIs. These awards support data science training and research at the PUIs. These collaborative 1-year Data Science Core - Primarily Undergraduate Institution (DSC-PUI) grants involve PUI faculty/students and one or more DSC team members to execute a data science-focused research project. The DSC will work with PUI applicants to design a study that best addresses the question of interest and effectively uses the DSC's expertise. Successful applicants will receive funding to cover research costs (e.g., student stipends, kits/consumables) and access to our team's computational resources and expertise. No mandatory calendar year effort required.

    Developmental Research Project Awards

    After a competitive review, the K-INBRE Awards and Incentives Committee awards Developmental Research Project Awards to new faculty with outstanding research proposals in the scientific focus of the K-INBRE: cell and developmental biology. A grant submission is expected by the end of the 2 year award.

    Recruitment Packages

    Recruitment package grant criteria will include (1) institutional needs, (2) strength of the applicant, and (3) the probability that hiring this individual will increase the competitiveness of the institution for NIH funds.

    Spring Pilot Project -PUI Awards

    One mission of the NIH-funded Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (Kansas INBRE) grant is to strengthen the NIH-related biomedical research at PUIs through the administration of the Summer PUI Research Investigator Grant (SPRING) Pilot Projects. The SPRING Pilot Projects are designed to support research primarily in the summer months and enhance student participation in research. We are now seeking to identify ten faculty members from PUIs to participate as SPRING Pilot Project Recipients.

    *All funding opportunities are contingent on future awards from the NIH.