2024 Faculty Awardees

Bridging Grant Recipients

Biswas, Idranil (KUMC)

Exploring the function of novel arginine phosphorylation in streptococcal physiology

Todd, Richard (KSU)

Heterologous expression of Aspergillus fumigatus cryptic secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters

Core Facility Recipients

Blocker, Erin (ESU)

PortaMon NIRS Device and Analysis Software

Brodsky, Christine (PSU)

Water Purifier with Boiler and Clamps

Welti, Ruth (KSU)

Mass spectrometer service agreement

Yao, Li (WSU)

High-performance ZEISS lens for improved fluorescent cell

Zhang, Qiyang (ESU)

Agilent 8860 GC-FID System & OpenLab CDS Workstation Software and Accessories

CURE Award Recipients

Beck, Moriah (WSU)

Co-evolution and Coupling in Enzyme Function CURE

Blocker, Erin (ESU)

Exercise Science Laboratory Course

Fields, Stephen (ESU)

A Research-Based Metagenomics Course

Ghosh, Anuradha (PSU)

Metagenome analysis of poultry litter collected from commercial farms in southeast Kansas

Hotze, Eileen (KUL)

MicrobioME: a CURE for Staphylococcus aureus

Developmental Research Project Award Recipients

Choi, JaeYoung (KUL)

Genetics and developmental functions of natural telomere length variation

Mentor: Unckless, Rob

Logan, Raj (WSU)

The role of transition metal ion physiology in organogenesis

Mentor: Bousfield, George

Young, Erin (KUMC)

Avpr1a as a novel therapeutic target for chronic visceral pain

Mentor: Christianson, Juluie

Zhang, Xiaoyu (KUMC)

Defining the role of glucose restriction in inducing mammalian meiosis

Mentor: Wang, Ning

DSC-PUI Award Recipients

Hendry, William (WSU)

LCM / DNA Methylation / FFPE Tissue Archives

Mentor: Koestler, Devin (KUMC)

Logan, Raj (WSU)

Identification of STAT92E targets in the aging Intestinal Stem Cell

Mentor: Olson, Bradley (KSU)

Recruitment Package Recipients

Boydston, Paige (PSU)

Carvalho, Claudia (FHSU)

Kriley, Luke (FHSU)

SPRING Award Recipients

Blocker, Erin (ESU)

Exercise From Afar: Progressing At-Risk Rural Adults to Effective Independent Exercise for Dementia Risk Reduction

Gress, Joanna (ESU)

Assessing hemp pollen for a protective effect against neonicotinoid exposure at a whole hive level

Lewis, Sharon (LU)

Mapping the morphological correlates of impaired function in the aging stem cell

Logan, Raj (WSU)

Variance of Cancer Mortality in the United States

Ward, Christopher (PSU)

Characterization of an NGS Panel Assessing EGFR Isoforms: NGS Transcriptonomics Cross-validation with sEGFR proteomics