Post-doctoral Award Recipients – 2017

Cao, Hongmei (KUL)

Microfluidic Profiling of Circulating miRNAs in Cancer

Chakravorty, Somnath (KSU)

Iron Deprivation of Cancer Cells by Aposiderophores

Chen, Yujun (KSU)

Investigation of Protein Phosphatase function in collective cell migration

Huang, Gaochao (KSU)

Identification of NTMT1 Substrates and Subsequent Interacting Partners in Tumorigenesis

Lee, ChuYu (KUMC)

Development of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) techniques to assess antipsychotic drug concentrations in the brain

McCoin, Colin (KUMC)

Hepatic mitophagy adaptations to exercise in the treatment of NAFLD

Peng, Chen (KSU)

Identification of resting cell-specific responses to vaccinia virus infection

Rice, Clinton (KUL)

Biomechanical functions of septate junction proteins in Drosphila dorsal closure.

Sharma, Himanshu (KUMC)

HIV-1 and Morphine Mediated Regulation of Autophagy Protein Expression

Verma, Rajni (WSU)

Conformational dynamics and ligand binding in kynurenine 3-monooxygenase

Vishwakarma, Vikalp (KUMC)

The RNA binding protein TTP regulates intestinal cell differentiation and microbial diversity by controlling Notch signaling