Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence

All Funding Opportunities & Awards*

This is a complete alphabetical listing of all K-INBRE funding opportunities and awards. For individual listings of awards for faculty, post-docs, or students, please refer to the funding opportunities navigation.

Bioinformatics Scholars

Bioinformatics is an important research discipline and central to the K-INBRE mission. The Bioinformatics Scholar program is designed to help train undergraduates in bioinformatics and computational biology research. The K-INBRE takes a broad view of bioinformatics and scholars can propose any project that involves the analysis of complex biological data and connects to the K-INBRE theme of molecular, cell and developmental biology. Students from all K-INBRE campuses are welcome to apply and can be mentored by any faculty with a history of bioinformatics-based research. If appropriate, scholars can be co-mentored by a member of the K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core (k-inbre.org/bioinformatics.html). Students from the PUI partner schools are particularly encouraged to take advantage of Bioinformatics Core members and computational infrastructure support available at KSU, KU, and KUMC. This competitive award can fund up to two Bioinformatics Scholars, and will provide the opportunity for an array of mentored research experiences and the ability to present research at the annual K-INBRE Symposium.

Bridging Grants

Bridging grant proposals are reviewed by external reviewers, with the major criteria being the importance and strength of the science and the likelihood of developing successfully into an NIH-funded project. Aspects to be considered are the priority score and adequacy of the responses to the reviewers.

Community Based Research Scholars

Support for an undergraduate community-based researcher during the summer semester providing research experiences relevant to the student and their communities in their home state. This opportunity is relevant to American Indian students who either want or need to be home during the summer months, and have a strong desire to work on a mentored research project and conduct community-based research. It is anticipated that this competitive award will fund one K-INBRE scholar this year.

Core Facility Support

Core Facility grant proposals will be evaluated in terms of importance to the institutional and state Cell and Developmental Biology research initiatives.

Developmental Research Project Awards (formerly Major Starter Grants)

After a competitive review, the K-INBRE Awards and Incentives Committee awards Developmental Research Project Awards to new faculty with outstanding research proposals in the scientific focus of the K-INBRE: cell and developmental biology. A grant submission is expected by the end of the 2 year award. 

Faculty Scholar Awards

Scholar awards benefits faculty members who demonstrate excellence in research, teaching and service to the state’s universities.

Partnerships for Translational Research Training Awards

Partnerships awards are one-year awards offered for the purpose of facilitating the initiation of clinical/basic science research projects directed toward a translational goal. The awards are meant to support investigator and/or technical assistant salaries together with other research project requirements with the goal of exchanging information, data, and technical expertise in a close partnership arrangement.  

Pilot Grants

Pilot grant proposals are reviewed by external reviewers, with the major criteria being the importance and strength of the science and the likelihood of developing successfully into an NIH-funded project.

Post-doctoral Awards

Post-doctoral awards are one-year mentored awards offered for the purpose of facilitating applications to support (1) initiation of post-doctoral research projects and (2) transition from the post-doctoral position to early investigator status. The awards are meant only for partial salary support during early or late stages of the post-doctoral experience and are not to supply ongoing salary support.

Recruitment Packages

Recruitment package grant criteria will include (1) institutional needs, (2) strength of the applicant, and (3) the probability that hiring this individual will increase the competitiveness of the institution for NIH funds.

Star Trainees

The K-INBRE “Star Trainee Program” is designed to identify outstanding prospective biomedical researchers during their junior year in college, and provide financial support during the senior year. This capstone program will support students with extensive research experience (minimum of 3 semesters of research experience). Star Trainees are expected to present their research (poster or oral presentation) at the annual K-INBRE Symposium.

Summer/Semester Scholars

Support for undergraduate researchers during summer, spring or fall semesters is provided by these awards. All campuses are eligible to compete for the awards, which can be used for student compensation and/or laboratory research project supplies.

Translational Research Scholars

Support for undergraduate students interested in clinical and translational research opportunities. This program is designed for students to experience clinical and translational research at the K-INBRE and Frontier CTSA institutions. These scholars will participate in numerous training experiences associated with the K-INBRE including online seminar series, research presentations associated with K-INBRE Partnership Pair awardees and Frontiers CTSA, institutional research days on each of their respective campuses, as well as participating in the annual K-INBRE Symposium.

*All funding opportunities are contingent on future awards from the NIH.