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Richard Barohn receives ALS award

*Richard Barhon is a 2004 & 2005 K-INBRE Core Facility Award recipient.

March 8, 2016—Richard Barohn receives the 2016 George Brett Award for Commitment from The Mid-America Chapter of the ALS Association. see more >>

Climate change could send venomous snakes slithering north

*A. Townsend Peterson is a 2002 K-INBRE Faculty Scholar.

March 7, 2016—New research has found that rising temperatures could drive several deadly species northward to new areas, bringing them across the U.S. border with Canada. By 2050, some snakes could make their way as far north as Alberta, Quebec and southern Ontario.

Researchers at the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute used climate models to predict the ranges of more than 75 poisonous snake species across the Americas. Their research, published in the journal Climate Change, found that snakebite risk could increase in considerably in new areas, especially in remote, rural regions, as temperatures rise. read more >>





March 3, 2016
K-INBRE Undergraduate Seminar Series, 12-1pm. TOPIC: LinkedIn. See your campus coordinator for more information

March 15, 2016
Submission Deadline: Bioinformatics Scholars, Community Based Research Scholars, Summer/Semester Scholars, & Translational Research Scholars proposals

April 1, 2016
Submission Deadline: Star Trainee Proposals

April 7, 2016
K-INBRE Undergraduate Seminar Series, 12-1pm. See your campus coordinator for more information

April 8, 2016
External Advisory Board Meeting

April 23, 2016
University of Kansas Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 30, 2016
K-INBRE Year 15 ends

May 1, 2016
K-INBRE Year 16 begins

May 30, 2016
Memorial Day, K-INBRE Closed

June 26-28, 2016
NISBRE Conference, Washington, DC

July 4, 2016
Independence Day, K-INBRE Closed

September 1, 2016
Call for Proposals: Bridging Grant

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