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Rajesh Pahwa: Developing New Treatments for Parkinson's Psychosis

*Rajesh Pahwa is a 2002 K-INBRE Faculty Scholar award recipient.

May 20, 2016—Up until recently there had been no approved treatment methods for patients diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease psychosis or treatment options for patients. This changed recently with the approval of pimavanserin.

Rajesh Pahwa, M.D., of the University of Kansas Medical Center, discussed the use of anti-psychotics for the treatment of Parkinson’s psychosis during the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in Vancouver prior to the drug's approval. Pahwa said that the anti-psychotics for dementia, for example, are not necessarily a treatment for a Parkinson’s psychosis. see more >>

Pond scum and the gene pool: One critical gene in green algae responsible for multicellular evolution, understanding of cancer origin

*Brad Olson is a Summer Scholar and Star Trainee Mentor, and Tara Marriage is a 2013 and 2014 Post-doctoral Award Recipient.

May 5, 2016—Kansas State University biologists are skimming pond scum for clues of multicellular evolution and possible origin of cancer.

Brad Olson, assistant professor in the Division of Biology; Erik Hanschen, doctoral student at the University of Arizona; Hisayoshi Nozaki, University of Tokyo; and an international team of researchers found a single gene is responsible for the evolution of multicellular organisms. The study is published in a recent issue of Nature Communications. read more >>




October 1, 2016
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